i built my debut website at the age of 13, combining various bits of HTML , seasoned with animated fire gifs, clip-art & a dash of freeware JS scripts. It was baked in MS Frontpage, and thankfully, never deployed to the web.

In 2009 I decided to try again, and have been designing and building websites ever since.


Back in 2012, working at Incsub I was asked to re-design Edublogs.org to provide it with a more modern, yet fun aesthetic that would appeal primarily to female educator target audience. I designed the website to have a fun, crafty feeling to it, with blackboard background, a fun typeface and pen & ink illustrations.

Edublogs homepage hero.
Edublogs Schools & Universities hero.
dublogs custom illustrations.


One of my 1st projects at Incsub was to finish the re-design of WPMU DEV website. Initial designs were done by Dan Mall, my role was to modify those designs to meet the business goals and to assist with front-end development of the website. Images below are of the pages that I designed.

WPMU DEV Homepage.
WPMU DEV Membership teaser
WPMU DEV mobile

Simple folio – WordPress theme

With the rise of megathemes like Avada, The7 or X, the theme market (in my opinion) is becomming plagued by feature-driven approach, that tries to bundle as much functioonality as possible into the theme, often with no regard to the user expereince. Simple folio is a theme that tries to dial that down. It ships with only a limited number of clean layouts allowing and no forced plugins, allowing user to focus on their content, and not spend hours configuring the theme.

Simple Folio theme for WordPress. WPMU DEV Homepage. WPMU DEV Homepage.

Drammy — A Whisky Review Theme

Drammy is a theme designed for whisky review sites. As a person who reads quite a number of whsiky reviews, I am often disappointed by the designs aesthetic and at times readability of the themes used by the reviewers. So I designed a theme to solve that.

Drammy - A theme for whisky reviews. Drammy Homepage. WPMU DEV Homepage.

Thank you for reading. 👌🏾